I love to read books, i always confused what to read next, and i’m appreciate people that help me know what to read next. I will try my best to help you!

My want to read list ❤️❤️❤️✌

The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han It's Not Summer Without You - Jenny Han

“The summer i turned pretty” is very popular. I knew about Jenny Han from the “To all the boys i’ve loved before”. I like her writting style, her story, is light hearted, but not boring, and i want to know what happen next.

 Unfortunately, she didn’t write much novel, and this her second series of her own, and i don’t have money to buy it, so here you go GOLDEN WISHLISTS for my birthday.


i’m not brave enough, to face all the choices i have left
i’m not brave enough, to face all the choices i have left

CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell (Spoiler)

— feeling amazing
Carry On - Rainbow Rowell

I love this book, Rainbow Rowell is my favorite author, but i give this book 4 star because:

    The first 200 pages is soooooooo boring, it’s seem like didn’t even started the story, it’s just talk about how Simon fell about Baz is missing, Penelope, Athena, and Mage, and how normal the school are.

     It’s started to get interesting when Baz’s mom go back and find him, to tell Baz that find the one who kill her, but at that point Baz was missing, so Simon is the one that know everything about Baz’s mom, the powerful woman that own their school when she still alive.

     Baz knew he loved Simon for a very ling time, but he just want to do some awkward things that might hurt Simon, ans Simon thinks that Baz want to kill him, so they stayed enemies like forever until Baz mom appear in the story. Somtime Baz really want to kill Simon just because he lives Simon.

     They started to get closer, a swear to not heparm or kill each other in the time that they find out who was kill Baz’s mom, so they got really near, and Simon came to Baz house for Christmas 

     And at the moment when Baz want to revenge and kill himself in that moment, Simon kiss Baz, to tell him to shut up, and he need to alive. They started to kiss, just kiss, they’re not lover, Simon doesn’t think that he likes boy or he’s gay, but they just kiss.

     At the end when Simon is the monster that everyone want to kill, and Baz realize they are all the same monster, so they live happily together in a normal world, Penelope know they are gay, she still Simon best friend after all.

CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell ( Spoiler Free)

Carry On - Rainbow Rowell

I’ve read Carry on after Fangirl, and I highly recommend to community of book lovers, or student who need to find something easy, understandable, and drag readers into the book. I can’t be able to stop readjng it, even in class. I live the scene that Baz and Simon just kiss, and know that they like each other, even though they was enemies.

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